ONLINE piano lessons

Inspiring piano students to play and learn creatively


Inspiring piano students to
play and learn creatively

Students learn expression through improvising and composing.

Mary Grand Piano is an online piano studio that specializes in teaching children and adults from anywhere in the US who want to learn, create and have fun at piano lessons. If you want a well rounded experience you’ve come to the right place!

My daughter, Maddie, took piano lessons from Mary for several years. She truly benefited from the experience. It helped her develop confidence and a love of music. It also gave Maddie an edge as a percussionist. Mary taught her how to read music, but also used improvisation, composition and ear training in her lessons. I highly recommend piano lessons with Mary!

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mary's fortes

1. Is patient and adaptable to how students learn differently. She celebrates diversity of all kinds and feels that’s what makes the world a more interesting place.

2. Exposes students to many styles of music that they can choose to play and study.

3. Applies practical technique and theory to improve the student’s playing by helping them learn more effectively.

4. Uses well-developed games and software for kids and adults that make lessons more engaging and effective.

5. Teaches piano through a nonprofit organization called MusicLink Foundation, that helps lower income students receive lessons.

6. Tutors young adults for high school and college music admissions/exams.

Why Online Lessons?

1. Students become more self-sufficient, focused and interested when taking online lessons.

2. It’s more convenient and comfortable to have in-home lessons than to drive in unexpected weather conditions.

3. Students and parents/guardians can manage their life better by taking more time for themselves to catch up on life.

4. Both the student and teacher can communicate easier and  demonstrate on their own piano/keyboard. 

5. Remote piano lessons can happen in different time zones with flexible lesson times and schedules.

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